A waxy substance produced by the sebaceous glands in a sheep's skin.

Cosmetic Grade

Industrial Grade

About Lanolin

Lanolin is a greasy yellow substance made from secretions (sebum) from the skin glands of sheep to condition their wool. It is a natural, animal-derived product harvested from shorn wool. Unrefined lanolin has been used for thousands of years by various cultures, and refined lanolin has been used for more than a hundred of years in ointments.Lanolin is a long-chain waxy ester that contains cholesterol, but with a different composition than human sebum. There are two common forms: lanolin and lanolin alcohol. The latter, the one that’s more commonly used in skin care, adds a molecule to provide a smoother skin feel. Because of its high fat content, lanolin is occlusive, meaning it prevents the evaporation of water from the skin (transepidermal water loss). This keeps skin moisturized and helps the skin heal.

Cosmetic, Personal Care & Pharmaceutical Grade

Lanolin helps to form emulsions and blends well with nearly all other substances used in cosmetics and personal care products. Pharmaceutical grade segment is highly demanded, as lanolin and its derivatives find wide utilization in  medicinal and personal care applications.


paper conditioner

Baby CAre Formulations
soaps & Toiletories
Textile Softening Componds

Various Cosmetic Grade Derivatives

Lanolin Wax
Lanolin Wax has similar characteristics of Lanolin Anhydrous but with a higher melting point. Due to this property of higher melting point, it finds good use in hair creams, lipsticks, ointments, and coatings.
Lanolin Alcohol
Lanolin Alcohol is the refined unsaponifiable fraction of Lanolin having excellent w/o emulsifying properties. Lanolin Alcohol increases the water absorption capacity of hydrocarbon mixtures. It is brown to amber colored, hard waxy solid material and is widely used in creams and lotions as an emulsion stabilizer.
Ethoxylated Lanolin
Ethoxylated Lanolin is a water-soluble Lanolin with a typical faint odor. It is used in water-based applications such as shampoos, bath soap, hand wash, wet wipes, etc. Ethoxylated Lanolin is available in different forms viz lump (pieces), flakes, pestiles, 50%, and 75% aqueous solution.
Lanolin Oil or Liquid Lanolin
Lanolin Oil or Liquid Lanolin is a liquid fraction of Lanolin by fractional crystallization at very low temperature. It is yellow to amber color viscous liquid used in lotions, creams, lipsticks, lip balm and pharmaceutical preparations.
Anhydrous Lanolin SUPERFINE DELUXE
SOLINFINE-DL is a cosmetics grade of Anhydrous Lanolin that meet the requirements of IS: 5340:1981.
Hydrous Lanolin
AQASOLIN is pharmaceutical grade of Hydrous Lanolin and meet requirements of standards as per IP, BP, EP, JP and USP Pharmacopoeia.
Anhydrous Lanolin
SOLIN is pharmaceutical grade of Anhydrous Lanolin and meets requirements of standards as per IP, BP, EP, JP, and USP Pharmacopoeia.
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Industrial Grade

Lanolin is a widely used ingredient for fat liquors that are applied after tanning to soften leathers & also used commercially in many industrial products ranging from rustproof coatings to lubricants. Increasing demand for bio-lubricants & anti-corrosive agents & due to significant industrial activities, it is expected to be potential market booster.


Metal Polish BAr
rust preventive
industrial adhesive tapes
shoe polish
leather chemicals

Various Industrial Grade Derivatives

Lanolin Fatty Acid
Lanolin fatty acid is a complex mixture of long-chain branched and unbranched fatty acids, of which about 40% is hydroxylated. Lanolin Fatty Acid is recommended for Fat lacquer, Anti Rust oils, Industrial Greases and Metal Polishing Bars.
Lanolin Anhydrous Technical
Lanolin Anhydrous Technical is a Fatty acid and fatty alcohol esters with high percentage of fatty acids. Recommended for Leather Auxiliaries, leather treatment, Industrial Greases and Metal buffing blocks, concrete water proofing and metal polishing bars.
Lanolin Anhydrous Commercial
Lanolin Anhydrous Commercial is produced by multistage refining of Woolgrease. It consists of highly refined fat-like substance which is brown to dark brown, tenacious, unctuous with a faint and characteristic odour. Lanolin is soluble in most organic solvents and oils. Lanolin exhibits outstanding rust preventive properties and because of this inherent property, Lanolin is used in anti-rust oils and metal treatment chemicals. It is also used in industrial adhesive tapes and metal ink etc.
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