Rust Preventive Oil

Long-term protection against metal corrosion.


Used by the engineering industry to prevent  metals from the effects of corrosion. While the measures indicated above are  of a permanent/semi-permanent nature, petroleum based rust preventives find  wide application for temporary corrosion protection during storage and  transportation. These are non -staining, These are compatible with  lubricating oils and hence the surface film need not be removed. These are  easily applied by brush, spray or swab. These are easily removable by  solvent. These are economical.


heavy machineries/pipes
military equipments
capacity tanks
construction materials
marine fittings

Products on Offer

Rust Preventive Oil concentrate for solvent base as well as oil base formulations
SURUSOL is a blend of selected additives and can be easily diluted to make solvent or oil based rust preventive oils. SURUSOL-231 and SURUSOL-232 can be diluted with mineral turpentine oil to make a solvent based rust preventive oil, whereas SURUSOL-233 and SURUSOL-234 can be diluted with low or high viscous base oil to make a oil based rust preventive oil.
Penta Erythritol Ester of Lanolin Fatty Acid
PENTASOL is an ester of Lanolin Fatty Acid. PENTASOL is recommended for soft film and hard film type rust preventive oils. It can be used in both solvent and oil-based rust preventive oils. It has very good solubility in mineral oils and spindle oils. It passes the stringent salt spray and humidity cabinet tests when used 10% v/v in a 50:50 ratio of spindle oil and mineral oil.
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